Introducing GS1 US Mobile Scan

The next revolution in product identification and consumer experience

GS1 US Mobile Scan takes the barcode and the power of product identification to a whole new level.

GS1 maintains the global standards for barcodes, which were launched over 40 years ago. They’ve been adopted by more than two million member companies, and over five billion barcodes are scanned each day around the world. Today, the concept of the barcode expands and evolves as GS1 US® collaborates with Digimarc, a pioneering technology company to deliver the GS1 US Mobile Scan solution.

GS1 US Mobile Scan represents a transformational change of business, enhancing the customer experience in an increasingly technology-centric marketplace. It improves the speed of checkout and puts product information at consumer's fingertips. GS1 US Mobile Scan-enabled packages have a DWCodeTM, a nearly invisible digital watermark that can be read by enabled POS scanning systems and smartphones.

This technology creates opportunities never before imagined when scanning products and provides significant benefits to retailers, brand owners, and consumers alike.

Already have a Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN®) for your product?

For all the benefits it delivers, it is remarkably easy to use GS1 US Mobile Scan. If you have products already identified by GTIN, you are well on your way. Through the DWCode portal, you can take the GTINs you have and add the additional product descriptive information (attributes) that are required. After you enable your GTIN to have a DWCode, you are ready to use your GTIN as you do today, plus reach consumers in a new, engaging way. Learn More >

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